Integration with Google Analytics
Measure and track visitors to your online shop with Google's advanced analytical package. Log on at anytime to view how your website is performing or receive monthly reports via email in PDF format.

Integration with Google AdWords
Integrate your Google AdWords campaign with Google Analytics. Measure and track the performance and success of your Google AdWords campaigns from a single control panel.

Sales revenue by product
View daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports of all transactions that have been processed through your online shop.

View the total gross revenue and total number of units sold for each product in your online store.

Real-time stock reporting
iCommerce provides you with the tools to manage your stock levels, alerting you when stock levels become low.

Best selling products

View the top twenty best selling products on your website by and given date(s).

Page visits
View the most visited pages on your website by any given date(s).

Annual page impressions
View the most visited pages on your website over a 12 month period.

Monthly page impressions
View the most visited pages on your website on a month to month basis.
  Returns (RMA)
View the total number and gross value of returned items by any given date(s). iCommerce provides you with the ability to view returns at product level by colour, option, units returned and the gross value of returns for each product.

Sales agent reports
If you choose to run your online store in trade mode, iCommerce provides you with the tools to view detailed sales reports for individual products, brands and each of your customers by any given date(s).

By assigning each of your customers to a sales agent it is quick and easy to run detailed sales reports to see how your sales team are performing.

Gross revenue by month
Quickly see the total revenue and number of orders processed through your online store on a month to month bassis.

Affiliate referrals
Track the total number of users referred to your online store, the number of orders generated and the total revenue generated by date per affiliate.

Create your new ecommerce website with iCommerce
Setting up an online store has never been easier. Simply contact a member of our customer services team and we will have your online shop up and running in no time at all. Contact us now. 
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    Set-up your online fashion store for only £69 per month. iCommerce is a feature rich shopping cart solution designed with fashion retailers in mind.
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    Open a successful online shop. Find out why iCommerce is the right shopping cart solution for your business.
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    The new, all-in-one ecommerce shopping cart software solution from iCommerce. Sell online for only £99 + VAT per month.
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